Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIY Lamp Makeover with Louise

The big day was this month! Woo!
Some of my blog-buddies have stepped up to help fill the silence here at The HumberHome Project while we're buttoning up those last minute details, gettin' down with our bad selves on the dance floor, and cruising the Caribbean on our Honeymoon ;)

Louise from Laid Off Mom has a great makeover to share!


Hi HumberHome Loves!  I’m Louise, aka LaidOff Mom, and I’m doing some blog crashing here while Ashley’s away getting hitched!
I probably shoulda done a wedding post, but I’ve been on interior decorator mode for quite some time, and I haven’t lost steam….but in all fairness, my project is donning white =)
Here’s my poor floor lamp that’s been in need of some TLC

pretty boring huh?
I wanted the base to be a lighter color, so I spray painted the base, a nutmeg color by Rustoleum Painter’s Touch with a Satin finish.  Then I cut 3 in. diameter circles of white cotton…

a ton!
I wanted to add more texture to the lamp, but still wanted the lampshade to have a white/cream color palette....that’s where these white cotton circles came in handy
I doubled them up, ironed the circles in half and then used masking tape to place them on the lampshade…mimicking the scales of a mermaid. 
We live in Sunny San Diego, and I like adding touches here & there of southern California coastal style to our home.

Glued all the half circles in place with a glue gun

And then added a rope trim to finish it off

Makes such a difference…

Ashley, I know you’ll make a beautiful bride…and Bob, you’re extremely lucky to have her!! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and a fabulous honeymoon!  I wish you both many years of happiness, and LOTS of children! =)
xo, Louise


  1. Thanks for letting me crash your blog Ash! I had lots of fun!! Hope you guys are having a fabulous honeymoon! =)

  2. Hi Ash! Hope you are enjoying your wedding/honeymoon adventures! Louise, this lamp is so pretty! You are so creative, and I love how you add personal touches to your surroundings. :)

  3. What a cool idea Louise!

    And I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon Ash! :)



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