Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Blogiversary - My Favorite Posts

Please stop by this post to take a quick survey - I want to learn more about who reads my blog and will be sharing all the fun results in a couple days! :)

Today, I'll be sharing my top five favorite posts from the past year. I'll admit, it was kind of hard to pick just five, so I cheated a little... haha. It's my game, I can cheat if I want!

#1 - Wedding Week 
This is where I cheated, since this is actually 5 posts crammed into one. 
But I'm a little partial, since this was my most favorite day EVER!

#2 - Upholstered Window Cornice
This was my first project in the new house, so it kind of holds a special place :)

#3 - The Humble Penguin Grand Opening
It's no secret that I opened an Etsy shop earlier this year.
It has been both the best and scariest adventure I've ever started!

#4 - Guest Room Designs
Even though the guest room STILL isn't finished, this was my first attempt at designing a whole room.
It'll come together eventually, but things had to be put on hold with the wedding craziness, holidays and now my knee surgery. But we'll get right back into it soon!

#5 - St. Patrick's Day Wreath
Doing this quick Dollar Store wreath got me excited about blogging again! 
It was such a quick, easy and FUN project - and I LOOOVE that it only cost three bucks ;)

So there we go - my top five-ish posts of the last year! :)
I'm getting really excited to see where the blog goes, and how it grows, in year two. Which is why tomorrow I'll be sharing some of my goals for year two - including some projects I hope to take on!


  1. I haven't had to chance to go back and read your blog from the beginning yet so these should give me a good start! :)

  2. Holy spam comments ^

    Your wedding posts were some of my favorites too! and I think we are all waiting for a guest room update :P

  3. Hahaha spammy indeed! I'll second all of Melanie's comment! ;)


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