Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Keep Sewing...

Even though Dory actually wanted Marlin to keep swimming, not sewing, it's just the same.

I actually have this written up on my dry-erase board in my sewing room. Complete with little fishes surrounding it. :) 

So, today my goal is to 

I have had SO many ideas for The Humble Penguin lately. Having so much inspiration is completely awesome, but it's also totally overwhelming because there just isn't enough time in a day to put all the ideas into action. 

Wednesday is a bonus day off for me this week. So I'm planning to have another sewing marathon later in the week, too.

So far today I've cut pieces for a whole bunch of new items including:
Passport Covers
Fold-over Clutches
E-Reader Sleeves*

*I'm not sure if the E-Reader sleeves will work out, but I'm working on it! 

So, here's hoping everyone else is really productive this week, too!
Just Keep ____-ing! :D

Oh! I recently started a Tumblr.  I don't really "get" it yet - but you should follow me!
The Humble Penguin on Tumblr
Also, if anyone has any good "Tumblr for Dummies" tips - leave them in the comments so I can learn!!! :D


  1. Gotta love Disney references.

    At work, I'm all just keeping wedding'ing. At home, Just keep raking, and bagging, and trimming, and sweating, and cursing. ;)

  2. You've been pushing out a lot of great stuff lately! I wish I could buy it all!

  3. You go, girl!! Your shop is amazing already... I can't wait to see the new stuff. :)

  4. Passport covers!YUSSSS! Sew on my friend, sew on!


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