Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's in my purse?

Melanie from Mailbox Journey is being nosy and asking everyone to share a picture of what's in their purse for a fun, easy little linkup party! So here we go:

1. My first Humble Penguin bow clutch. It's starting to fall apart after over a year of vigorous use. And it was before I learned a lot more about sewing.
2. Gum. I'm always paranoid about bad breath at work.
3. Bobby pins. You just never know when you'll need one!
4. The BEST chapstick ever. Thanks Melanie ;)
5. A single penny.
6. Girlie things. Nothing to see here.
7. Cash monies, baby!
8. The first Humble Penguin mini wallet. I get to use all my prototypes ;)
9. Keys with a dinosaur keyfob (that I made, of course!)

Mailbox Journey


  1. You're pretty basic - like me. :)

    Thanks for linking up! <3

  2. Maybe it's the nosy-person in me, but I love posts like this. I will try to link up in a bit too!

  3. I wish my purse was as this simplistic. Maybe I should order a clutch and make it work. LOL.

  4. i just remembered that I wanted to do one of these whats in my purse posts, never thought about a link party though!

  5. It would take me all day to list everything in my purse. It's a bottomless pit.

  6. That's a cute bow cluctch! Very summery. This is a very good idea, I will do this on my blog sometime later. Great to connect with you! -Eva, your new follower tru Etsy Bloggers and Readers team :) Roarrr!!


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